Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November Decorating Ideas

 In the month of November I think everyone gets stumped on decorating ideas. It's that in-between time of Halloween decorations coming down and wondering if Christmas decorations would be too soon?...

 If you want to break away from the tradition of turkeys and pilgrims, take a view into my home. I thought plates and antique silverware I've collected from flea markets would be suiting for the theme of Thanksgiving.
 My Grandmother would tell me to polish my silver, but I like the antique look.
 Wheat in a tall glass vase with a piece of burlap tie around it.
 Navy Blue and Gold for November, why not?!
 It's maybe not a turkey but a pheasant is sure cute
 When I received these plates in the mail, it had a cute personal note about where the plates came from.
 Vintage blue toned plates from the french country
 Just because Halloween is over you don't have to throw out the pumpkins. My husband thought I was a little strange for wanting to buy this green type of squash in the grocery store. But tie a ribbon around the top and place a piece of barked wood under it, Wa-lah! Unique fall decor.
 Pewter is another favorite to decorate with in the fall time! It just gives that final touch. The leaves added in the bowl are fake leaves lightly sprayed with a metallic gold spray paint.
 Antlers... I can't say enough about how much I love to decorate with these. My Dad (who is a hunter) would be proud of me for saying "Antler" and not "Horns." Cows have horns but deer and elk have antlers because they "shed" every year and grow new ones. I can just hear him telling me that.. although I doubt my Dad will be reading this blog ;)
This antique door knob was another flea market find. It's a cute little extra touch on the pewter and vintage look I was trying to go for this November.

Hope you enjoy these cute ideas,
-Gentry xoxo-

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