Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Girls behind Robinson Cottage Collection

A reintroduction of us. Shalana is the Mom (right) Cierra is the oldest daughter (center)
and Gentry is the youngest daughter (left)
 This is our blog, we will be posting every Tuesday about the joys in our life. We hope it's infectious
and brings the joys of life into yours!

 Gentry and Cierra are 7 years apart and have always been close friends and miss living together.
(Both married and Cierra has twins)
We love to shop together, laugh together and read magazines together. Especially at Barns and Noble to get new ideas and experience the ordering of teas at Starbucks.
(We wish we lived in Downton Abbey)

Shalana and Cierra own Emporium Salon but sometimes do "Kitchen Hair."
Post of the cute salon to come.

Shalana is in her 61st year of life. She loves the sun (Her husband, Kim, calls her the "Leather Lady")
She is a hair dresser of 42 years, has 4 children - Cierra, Colby, Regen and Gentry- 2 boys and 2 girls. She has 7 grand girls who call her Da'Ma (1st grand baby boy coming in October) She loves to create, work in her yard, voted best hostess but just loves to be home. Shalana is the reason why this blog is happening. Learn from her because Gentry and Cierra sure have. Share in our joy and look for our weekly Tuesday post.