Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Fresh Fall Entrance ~ "A Do It Yourself Project"

All you need for this DIY project: 

~Grapevine Wreath 
~Fresh Cut Hydrangeas 

(Check out the video below for the full tutorial)

End results will be this darling fresh wreath for your door. 

Fresh pumpkins from Cierra's garden, with some Potato Vines free falling from a pot above. One of our favorite fillers in a planter pot. Everyone needs a boxwood at their front door, just saying. 
(Check out the video)

Asparagus Ferns are a must. They stay green spring-fall.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fall Festivities at Gentry's House

 My first time planting anything... and a first time home owner since December when we bought this cute house. I wake up everyday and water my plants because I have no sprinkler system. But I've come to enjoy this daily routine, it gets me out of bed and some sun on my skin. I would laugh when people asked why I was so tan and really it was because of weekly yard work.

 You all probably think I'm a crazy cat lady because my 2 cats manage to make it in almost every photo I take. Fox enjoying afternoons on the patio.
 I have an old fashion neighborhood where most residents have mail boxes by their doors. I am happy mine is there too. When we first moved in I replaced the old mail box with my own design. My door piece is a metal plaque with checked ribbon, burlap, lace, gold dipped feathers and a tin feather I found at a flea market.
 My pots have come back to life from the hot summer we had. I love to do my work outside on the patio.  

 This is my little house on the corner. A block from the main street bakery.
 I had an empty void on top of my kitchen cabinets (that need painting this winter) My house was built in 1897, so not much storage space or closets - had to get creative with all my seasonal dishes, cake plates, fine china and eclectic plethora.

A vertical photo collage in my living room next to the arch doorway.
 This is my seasonal change from Summer to Fall transition. I'm not quite ready for halloween yet. This is on top of a wardrobe in the kitchen area to store more of my eclectic dish plethora. The wardrobe was a lovely 70's wood stain from a 2nd hand store. I saw the vision - what a little paint can do!
Instead of a Fall Wreath, Consider a Basket of Wheat on your front door to welcome in the harvest of September to the Gratitude of Thanksgiving. It can stay on your door for the next 3 months, just change your ribbons from holiday to holiday, add black and orange for Halloween maybe with a little pumpkin or black cat. I'll be showing that in future post. Enjoy the rest of your week! Next Tuesday we will be working with Painter's Drop Cloth, one of our favorites!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Joy of September

(Narration by Gentry)

The definition of Joy: A feeling of happiness and gladness. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

Awaiting the arrival of Shalana, My Mom. I told her I'd have tea - Surprised her with my cute presentation. This is why I love to collect china dishes.

Good morning it's Tuesday! Today we are sharing our dinner party from last week in my Mom's backyard. 

The menu was White Bean Soup (we call witches brew), fresh tomatoes from the garden as seen in the background of this pic, fresh fruits and vegetables along with a fabulous bread basket. When you sat down the options were endless to the left and right.

 The wood pieces featured in the 2 pictures above are mine. 2 years ago when my family went camping for Labor Day, I saw these unique logs with layered bark and I had an inspiration to take them home. Everyone thought I was a little crazy but who's laughing now. They are perfect display pieces!
 We always believe in candlelight and the little details matter. The black/white material draped over the old chair is to cover the original seat cushion that we don't really like. The mauve pink fabric was throwing our natural fall motif off. Our favorite table top covering is found in the painter section of our local hardware store and is usually called "Brown All-Purpose Masking Paper." Which makes for a perfect setting and an easy clean up. With kids this paper is fun to leave crayon on the table so they can color while they eat. (adults too!)

Candles are always an essential detail, they bring atmosphere to a dinner. I love lighting candles in my home, it can turn an ordinary night at home into a cozy or elegant evening.

 We're all about the ambience of light. Bring joy to others by hosting them at your home and sharing with them your favorite things. Bake a cake, hang lights, bring out your china or favorite dishes. Bring your special touch to the table, your guest will appreciate it. We know ours walked away happier and so did we.

We create better with music, just a little post-script today we listened to music from 1940's like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr and Bing Crosby. My kitties liked the social event at my house with my Mom. Join us next week, we will be sharing our love of Fall.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Girls behind Robinson Cottage Collection

A reintroduction of us. Shalana is the Mom (right) Cierra is the oldest daughter (center)
and Gentry is the youngest daughter (left)
 This is our blog, we will be posting every Tuesday about the joys in our life. We hope it's infectious
and brings the joys of life into yours!

 Gentry and Cierra are 7 years apart and have always been close friends and miss living together.
(Both married and Cierra has twins)
We love to shop together, laugh together and read magazines together. Especially at Barns and Noble to get new ideas and experience the ordering of teas at Starbucks.
(We wish we lived in Downton Abbey)

Shalana and Cierra own Emporium Salon but sometimes do "Kitchen Hair."
Post of the cute salon to come.

Shalana is in her 61st year of life. She loves the sun (Her husband, Kim, calls her the "Leather Lady")
She is a hair dresser of 42 years, has 4 children - Cierra, Colby, Regen and Gentry- 2 boys and 2 girls. She has 7 grand girls who call her Da'Ma (1st grand baby boy coming in October) She loves to create, work in her yard, voted best hostess but just loves to be home. Shalana is the reason why this blog is happening. Learn from her because Gentry and Cierra sure have. Share in our joy and look for our weekly Tuesday post.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Vintage Whites Market 2017

Setting up the night before for the fun weekend at the Fair Grounds. Tote after tote!

End result, ready to be picked over by hundreds of hands Friday and Saturday.

Vintage paper wreaths

A plethora of Easter decor

Chicken wire dome on a antique tea plate

The barns at the Utah State Fair Grounds were so cute. Our booth was in the Sheep Barn and when we go to the fair every year, we have never looked at how cute the structure of the barn is inside! I guess we were distracted by the sheep. Bahhh

We sold fresh Lemon leaf and across the top of our booth we had a garland that attracted everyone to come touch it and ask what it was.

Brecken Bird (our relative) is a fabulous artist and sketched these flowers on tea dyed paper. visit to see more artwork

Friday night early bird shopping was a bit chilly but fun!

Took this display home to my mantle to welcome Spring
 End result, they even bought our display pieces and banners. I didn't have time to drink my coke!

My favorite memory of this weekend was counting out the cash bag and finding the money my darling Oakley (Grandchild #1) made to buy a bracelet for her and a friend that she had seen me making for the market. She made her own money to bring to Da'Ma's booth and she insisted on making a purchase.