Saturday, November 4, 2017

Walking Into November But Not Forgetting October

Shalana here, 
wanted to share a memory from last year. We hosted an event we called, 'Witches Soiree'
100 women attended this sit down dinner in witch attire as we danced under the full moon!

On the back of each chair was their name tag attached to the hand-made broom made from sticks and twine that each guest could take home. 

Popcorn balls themed as pumpkins on the plates to welcome you to your chair.
Lavender lined the walkway to the party

Each table was titled a "Coven"

Each guest went home with many prizes. To list a few, 
*Glittered tipped wands, given by the special Witch in the garden who read your palm. 
*Wish Bracelets to be worn until they fall off. 
"Tie this bracelet upon your wrist and make a special moon wish. When the bracelet leaves your wrist, you'll know you got your wish."
* The black boxes were filled with a delicate gold chained necklace with a healing stone attached to bring you wellness -Kindness, Health, Balance, Wisdom, etc.

The view from the entrance looked intriguing.

Tiki torches lining the garden.

Spooky Sisters pose for a photo under the arbor.

As our guest arrived, the sound of haunting violins were playing by these 2 Witches.

A perfect moment capturing 1 of our special Witches telling us about the stars
(My dear friend, Kathleen Boswell)

Toasting to the full moon that shined so bright that night.

We told our guest to arrive in their best witch attire.
 Kylee, Paige and I with our new witchy friend dressed in white. 
She was voted 'Best Dressed'

The crew behind the scenes that helped create such a memorable night. 
Left to Right- Paige, Kylee, Shelese, Me, Britney, Cierra, Gentry and Jessica.

Here is a video clip of the festive night!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

We Found Your Holiday Apron!

We are trying to re-introduce the apron to "you." It makes cooking, crafting and working much better! They are comfortable and will save your clothing. Shalana is a hair dresser and has switched over from her 1980's "Smock" to these cute aprons, as well as at home.

 It’s a cute decor item to have an apron hanging on a hook ready to be used tied on at a moments notice. In our previous post “Live at Kylee’s” Shalana is wearing the “The Linen Apron” and has never taken it off. She’s not joking when she says she’s wearing support hoes, a cardigan and a turtle neck.. and that’s it! She likes to hide behind her apron as fashion piece even tho it's backless (haha) that's what the long cardigan is for!
 She moves better when not constricted with clothes HA HA!

This is Shalana's must have apron. 
It's lightweight washed linen with an easy loop tie to adjust the neck. We really love that it's a longer length and goes below the knee.

This was our first time wearing the canvas apron while cooking Witches Brew Soup. 
(Recipe 4 Post back) This soup is great for the Halloween season, check it out!

Gentry loves the old fashion feel of putting on an apron to work around the house or in her yard.

"On my way to the store!"


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Grand Entrance ~ Live with Kylee Pickering~

Shalana wore her crown (crafted herself) to start the Halloween Season. Happy Ocotober! Watch this video for a fun step by step porch ensemble.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Making a Grand Entrance!

If you have a BIG porch, it needs to be decorated BIG! Kylee let us collaborate to elaborate our point! Here is the proof.

We had packed the Jeep so full inside with branches we had to use the rack on top! The country girl came out of Gentry today as she tied everything down with orange bailing twine. We drove slow..

This was our start. We like to work with A LOT of variety. Bushes, bushes and more bushes!
Found some treasures in our barn to share with Kylee.

Ikea material that started as table runners 3 yrs ago at Cierra's summer wedding.
 NOW, banners for Fall.

Kylee ( and I are friends who do hair. 
Today we are blog friends. We collaborated to elaborate her fall porch!

We did ask Jeff (her husband) for permission to use a lot of nails. We have a magical tree in our backyard that always adds the finishing touch to our decor. Kylee took this picture of us hanging the final piece. 

As you can see, we placed the bales of straw on top of wooden pallets that had been cut in half. We embellished her wreath with ribbons to match the decor.
Re-wrapped the summer colored cushions on her chairs with old burlap sacs. Legit from the barn, don't tell Kim (Shalana's Man and Gentry & Cierra's Dad) 

Mums in a tin bucket from Cal Ranch. 
Fresh Lavender from Shalana's garden is a welcoming scent at anyone's front door. Lavender with pumpkins is our new favorite combo. 

Floral design is inside a tomato cage wrapped in orange lights and deer antlers wire in.
(Video will explain more ~ coming this weekend)

We could be wrong but we do believe the stalks are Indian corn, which is why it has a more seeded tops with colors. Very tall and suiting to fill this big porch.

A most gratifying day.

Gentry's favorite photo of the day. I was there and it still intrigues me. If we were to see this on Pinterest or in a magazine, we would want to see more.