Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Angel Wings for Valentines Day

Everyone has an angel in their lives, let your angel know at Valentines this year by giving them their very own wings!
Click on the link below to purchase.

"Angels carry in their face and gesture the peace and authority of Heaven." 
From an old dictionary we found the definition-
"Angel: a good, innocent, or lovely person; an attendant spirit"

Send a pair of these white feathered wings to the person who came to mind when reading that definition.

Shalana's Angels 
-Daughters Cierra and Gentry with Daughter- In-laws Britney and Shelese
-Pictured left to right-
Cierra, Britney, Shalana, Gentry and Shelese.

Photo moment with little Oakley (1st Grandchild) when she was a tiny thing. These wings have straps attached for costume play or a great photo props with the little ones. We like to utilize the straps for attachment like in the chair below. Makes it easier to hang them for decorating purposes.

Click on link below to get yours!

"The Victorian Angels looks as if they were going to say. "There, there."

Wings welcome guest as they are placed on the mirrors of each station in Shalana's salon.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Breath Of Fresh Air In January

We are back at Mary Lu's house! 
Welcome to her darling bedroom with this grand bed and gantry table. In our family, we were taught to make our beds every morning. It makes you feel better and most importantly, it is your first accomplishment of the day.

Set up your breakfast in bed with the rolling Gantry Table.
The heart above is made from an old mattress pad stitched into a darling heart.
Back in the days of Nana (Mary Lu and Shalana's Grandmother) they would hang their sheets to dry which gave them a crisp feel of fresh linens. Mary Lu is a strong believer of talcum powders lightly dusted onto your sheets. It makes for a cozy bed.

Pillows pillows, always add more pillows! 
Loving the combination of textures - Chenille pink, white ruffles, grey crocheted and some polka dots to top it off.

-January is a time of year to renew your home- 
The bowl featured in the pic above was originally painted black and looking a bit scruffy. Mary Lu thought to get rid of this but then painted it instead. 
Now gold, it has a new charm! 
You can always paint to renew a piece of furniture in your home.
If you are thinking about throwing something out that you've had for years, just reinvent it with a fresh coat of paint. Pick a new color and it will look brand new!

The entryway where the Christmas tree is replaced with this pleasant new look. 

The details even in the ceiling.

A table runner always adds a finishing touch.
Keep the winter look by adding twigs to the light fixtures. Cutting branches from the backyard is a regular routine in this family. Notice the tin containers on her mantle with twigs. 
(featured below)
The gold deer went from being a reindeer to a spring fawn to welcome the warmer weather to come! 

A classy bathroom counter.
We love the little details in this house!
 The ceiling medallion painted gold and used for decor instead. As Shalana would say, "get creative people and think outside the box!"
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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Shalana's Home after the Holidays

Welcome All! 
-Crockpot Full of Water
-1 Fresh Sliced Orange
-1 Fresh Sliced Lime
-1/4 Cup of Cloves
-1/4 Cup of Allspice
-Simmer on Low 
 When guest come for a visit, they always ask about the good smell in her home. Well, above we shared the secret of that cozy house smell.
A little Charles Dickens into my house through an old window.
Shalana likes to leave her frosty flocked tree up in January to keep the winter theme going. This is a reflective pic from an old window hanging on the opposite wall in the living room. 

In the mirror you'll see what's on top the old piano.



January is a time to reflect and bring new light and energy to your home.

Winter Wings available here:

Angel wings a reverent reminder that angels are among us. Invite a few of your angel friends for a candlelight dinner and quiet conversation. 

Inspired from the Mary Lu house tour with Cotton for a little winter white look. 

Tin and Grey Motif -January Cozy-