Thursday, January 11, 2018

Shalana's Home after the Holidays

Welcome All! 
-Crockpot Full of Water
-1 Fresh Sliced Orange
-1 Fresh Sliced Lime
-1/4 Cup of Cloves
-1/4 Cup of Allspice
-Simmer on Low 
 When guest come for a visit, they always ask about the good smell in her home. Well, above we shared the secret of that cozy house smell.
A little Charles Dickens into my house through an old window.
Shalana likes to leave her frosty flocked tree up in January to keep the winter theme going. This is a reflective pic from an old window hanging on the opposite wall in the living room. 

In the mirror you'll see what's on top the old piano.



January is a time to reflect and bring new light and energy to your home.

Winter Wings available here:

Angel wings a reverent reminder that angels are among us. Invite a few of your angel friends for a candlelight dinner and quiet conversation. 

Inspired from the Mary Lu house tour with Cotton for a little winter white look. 

Tin and Grey Motif -January Cozy-

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Winter Wedding Our Style

Gentry Here! 
Today I want to talk about the madness of wedding decorating.
These are pics from Jana's wedding that we had the pleasure of decorating in December. She is our close relative and we had so much fun working together as a family throughout this whole event. Cousins, Sisters and Aunts all working together to create the magic of the night. As Shalana would say, we don't promote wedding services because when you decorate as a business, doing wedding after wedding, it takes the fun out of it and burns you out. 
(Props to the decorators doing these week by week because we are exhausted!) 

Shalana and Mary Lu are the masterminds when it comes to wedding etiquette.. in the decorating department that is. 
It's not a "Go in and wing it" kind of plan. Much preparation goes into an event like this.  
To give you an idea of the wedding prep was like. Here was our check off list from months ago.
And keep in mind this is just the decorating and flower department. Weddings are a lot of work! 
So appreciate the invitation when you get one!

Meeting #1
 Takes place 2 or 3 months before event. 
This meeting is mainly deciding with the bride what her style is and what she likes.
Lots of pinterest scrolling to decide the likes and dislikes of saved pins.

Meeting #2
Planning out the details! Where the main focal points of the decorating need to be. For example, these are the kind of questions to ask. Where is the cake table? Where is the main food being served? Is there a "Sign-In" table or what can we create as an entrance piece to bring people in? Are the Bride and Groom standing in one place to greet guest? If so, what should we create to have them stand under, in-between, in front of or on? Many ideas thrown out there in this planning group.

One funny thing I'd like to point out in the pic above. 
That log on the table is from, what I like to call the "Gentry Archives." 
I was camping a few years ago and the logs already pre cut on the ground were the coolest coloring and had this grey-ish bark. So I took some pieces home and everyone on the trip thought I was crazy. Those logs have come in handy at multiple events and in my own home! I love to bring out wood and other raw elements for Fall/Winter.

 In-between the first meeting and the actual wedding date is hours (actually days) of "Gathering." We all have glassware and unique items to bring to the table. At this wedding our center pieces for all 12 tables were unique. Mary Lu's original idea we call "Boofs" (haha) These are the pics above- clustered twig with fresh greens and ribbons to hang from post inside the barn. She has to gather sticks and pre-wire these multiple clusters so they will be ready the day of to hang up and add to. The hard truth about weddings or any events is the limited time to have it all set up by! We luckily started at 11am and had until 4pm. Seems like a lot of time to set up but time flies when you're having fun I guess. We do make it festive by blasting our favorite music all day, sharing Diet Cokes and munchies galore.

This is part of the "Gathering" as I was explaining above. Shalana's crystal bell.
We rang it as the cake cutting ceremony began to bring the party into watch.
These are 3 gold chargers from my dish collection. They make for a great background piece behind the cake. But really I think Mary Lu was just trying to hide the not so cute mantle Ha Ha.

No window seal was left empty!
The Venue placed Christmas wreaths on all the doors since it was December, the holiday season. So we decide to spruce them up by stuffing our fresh greenery into them.
Meeting #3
Walk the venue. 
To see in person the place where the event will be held. This gives us a better view of what might need "tweaking." Jana's wedding was at the charming barn located at Wadley Farms. 
It has low ceilings which make it more intimate and cozy (Well we think so) 
Low ceilings = Hey Gentry get on the ladder and hang more lights! 

Flower arrangements by the talented, yet humble, Cierra. (My very best sister)

Lets add a fresh pine tree to the carriage! Why not!?

Tin bell from Shalana's house. Another "Gathered" piece for the unique-ness of this wedding. Also notice the cute copper tea kettle on the table above this pic.

Meeting #5
Shalana, Mary Lu and I go on a field trip to Ikea for candles and tin containers. Then to a wholesale store for ribbons. The wedding colors- Wine, Blush, Pink, Cream and Gold- we had specific colors we were on the look for in the ribbon department.
The gold piece in this pic is a medallion that goes on your ceiling to hang a light from!
That would be the creative mind of Mary Lu!

 Greens, greens, greens and more greens!
Calling all decorating committee! 
The week before the wedding we all try to check off 
our To-Do-List so days before the wedding we are not in a panic. Cierra ordered flowers 2 week in advance so we knew for sure our specific flowers would be in stock. The night before the wedding we called our dear cousin Jessica to help!(Mary Lu's Daughter) She is a pro on line flowers. She knows how to tie up a boutonniere like you've never seen. We all stayed up till 2am finishing the headbands, boutonnieres, bouquet and corsages. We had a lot of fun and it was a good memory maker. We are neighbors so the drive home from our late night was not bad. We love living close!

 Gathering all picture frames, cake plates, glassware, votives, candles, domes, lights, ladders, scissors, wire cutters, tape, extension cords, Diet Cokes, chocolate, stereo for music, ribbon, tin containers, anything gold, raw wood and anything else you can think of! Pack it in your car and bring it with you! 

Be prepared for a long day on your feet.

Sleep in and enjoy a Diet Coke without thinking about the mess you have to clean up in your car. 

We are grateful we could make a positive impact that night by offering our talents! We are so grateful for the nice compliments we receive from guests that night. We felt the magic of the night.