Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Christmas Dinner Party hosted by Cierra

 This year Cierra was in charge of hosting her husband's holiday friend party. And of course being her, she couldn't just set tables up with paper plates and red solo cups like her husband would have done. She made it into a charming dinner party that we all wished we were invited to. 

 Table #1, this was painted with a cute grey chalk paint days before the party. The twins had to leave the house while that was going on. 11 month old babies are too curious with little hands to be around wet paint.

   Fresh flowers bought from Costco to give the final touch on a dinner party.

 Us Robinson girls are not afraid of a candle with a flame. It makes evenings much more cozy to sit by candle light.

  Table #2 with an oval pinecone wreath, more candles, mercury glass, cut wood and thinking of a Holland Christmas with the red and white tulips.

  Wreaths hanging in the windows behind the guest.

 Pomegranates for Christmas decor is a new idea we love. Cierra always comes up with something new and refreshing each year.

 The mantle above the fireplace.

The entrance display with Christmas dolls, a nutcracker, pines, fresh cranberries in a vase and a cozy lamp to welcome you into her home.

 The freshly cut Christmas tree in the front window for all to see.

 The mantle in the front room which can be seen from the park across the street. Candles, nutcrackers, mercury glass and pines. Such a good combination.

This darling picture of our Aunt Jule, Susie and Mary Lu on Santa's. Thank goodness for cameras to capture moments like this. I think that's the real Santa. 

Merry Christmas,

The Robinson Girls